Do you need an SPV wallet? Find out How to claim Bitcoin Lightning

If you are thinking of exchanging your Trezor Wallet Bitcoin Lightning, you need to know that you will need a wallet to save them. Yes, just like with normal coins, only this wallet will work in a slightly different way.
Normal wallets we all know, we have been using them for years, but bitcoin wallets are two sets of numbers and letters. One of them will be public and will be necessary so that other Bitcoin holders can send Bitcoin to it, it could be equated with a bank account number; the other will be private, will only be handled by you and is what will allow you access to your funds and authorize transactions on them, this is the equivalent to the secret key of a bank account.

Among the types of wallets existing for bitcoins, there are the so-called light wallets, Bitcoin Lightning Wallet or SPV which means Simplified Payment Verification in which it is not necessary to unload the entire chain of blocks being therefore much lighter, so they are perfect for Install on devices such as tablets or cell phones.
One of these light wallets or SPV is Electrum Bitcoin Lightning Wallet that offers speed and has a very simple configuration so it is one of the most used.
How to claim Bitcoin Lightning? Getting it is as easy as following these 3 simple steps:
• Enter the portal
• Download it
• Install in your operating system, be it Windows, Linux or Android
Ready and you can start using it, that does take into account that the first time you use it will generate a random number of words is what is known as a seed so you should be prepared to write them down and find where to save them. This is what will allow you to move the funds whenever you want.
Keep in mind that if someone gets the seed from your wallet, you can make transactions with your funds, so never trust it to a stranger, send it electronically by any means or write it on any website to stay safe.
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