Easy way to grab and paste your screenshot window

There are different ways you can use to screenshot windows 10. Using screen shot features saves you time and helps you grab and send information quickly and also save some memories or take photos during a movie or video. It is also a way to keep pictures of scene or particular information that you want to be with you. Using the gaming feature in the windows 10 and the keyboard short cuts is another way that uses to have screen shots. You can use the game bar features and keyboard short cuts to do your screenshot on windows.

To use the game bar feature, you would have to click open your Xbox application and go to where you click on the Game DVR. The feature allows you take screenshots using the DVR. Then you go the setting and choose the keyboard shortcuts that you would be using for your for your screen shot. You would have to make short cut like windows logo key + G, this is a combination of keyboard short cut that can get you taking a screen shot. Meanwhile when asked if it’s a game from a pop, you just click “Yes”. The combination for the screenshot is the windows key + G + the camera icon.

You can also your win + alt + prt scn for your screen shot combination. This also works perfectly fine, where the other does not work for you. The screenshot is mostly stored on the pc. You also first go to the Xbox application to see the screenshot is stored. This method would only work for windows that have functional Xbox application. If you don’t you can try other short cuts that can easily work with your pc or windows depending also on your preferences, you can use other screen shot applications.