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Everything about
Guillermo Diaz is an interpreter, who has appeared in a great number of series and television programs. It is said that approximately currently earns 800 million dollars. Yes, an absurd amount but all thanks to his work. Now … who is Guillermo Diaz?
Guillermo Diaz was born in New Jersey in 1975; however, his parents were both Cubans, who decided to raise him in Washington Heights. For the year 1994, Díaz obtained his first role as speaker in “New”, and later becomes Leo for “Party Girl”.

Thanks to these roles,
Guillermo Diaz was selected and called to play a drag queen in a movie called “Stonewall”. All these papers obtained by Diaz were the ones that opened the way for him and they made known little by little the talent of this man in the industry of the performance, which is undoubtedly extremely difficult, given the incredible demand that exists in the United States. and the number of undoubted talents. Later, he played the role of Eric in the movie “I Believe I Do” and also as a mute in the movie “200 cigarettes”. Then in 2009, he was selected to act in a series of NBC called “Mercy”, and a year later, Díaz appears in “Exquisite Corpse”. For the year 2012, Díaz acquires his last role where he acts as Huck in the ABC series called “Scandal”. And speaking a little more deeply about his personal life, Diaz declared himself homosexual several years ago, he even introduced himself a couple of times with his new “she” appearance.
Finally, we have a Guillermo who does not speak much publicly about his parents or family in general, which considers that his career as an actor has been solely thanks to himself and to a few hands that were laid out … Of the rest, Díaz will continue to perform roles incredible that will remain for history. For more information about this character, go to https://celebritynetworthnow.com/guillermo-diaz-net-worth-height-interview-tattoo-bio-salary-age-quotes/.