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The Linux Webring is a collection of Linux related web sites that link to each other with simple navigational links such as Prev, Next, and Home, or imagemaps and other links like the ones on the code examples page. As visitors take the ring's links to other sites in the ring, each webmaster gets more visitors, and each visitor can easily find a wealth of Linux-related information.

Please link to our site anywhere you can, and tell your Linux-using friends & colleagues about it. Check the member list for a list of all sites currently on the ring.

The Linux Webring has been here as a service to the Linux community since late 1996 (a guess) and really began taking member sites in early-mid '97. Since then it's moved from to to it's current home at

Also since it's creation, the guy that ran Webring (Sage Weil) sold Webring to Geocities, since then Yahoo purchased Geocities. On around October 15th, 2001, someone else took it over. During these changes there were some definite growing pains, but things seem to have stabilized pretty well.

Management of this ring is done independantly of Webring where possible, but we do rely on Webring to keep the database of sites working. If there are problems with the ring's functionality, do let me know.

I've thought many, many times about moving the ring to be hosted 100% by me, but Webring seems to be doing well enough to not bother going that far. After all, their business is webrings... they want it to be up and working as much as I do. If problems do arise in the future, I will move LWR to a Webring independant system (that I will create), so keep checking back here for LWR happenings.

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